Peace News Summer Camp

Helping build a radical movement for the future by creating a living community today.

camp 2009

What people said about the 2009 summer camp

“The fascinating and engaging discussions, debates and conversations that seemed to be taking place all the time all over the camp. Fantastic networking amongst groups and individuals.” “Camaraderie, challenge, ideas, stimulation, re-energising, contacts, space for input and importing information, wood…
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Workshop details 2009

There will be over 40 workshop sessions at the camp. A full programme will be online nearer the date but here is a selection: – ‘Chomsky’s Politics’ with Milan Rai (Peace News) – ‘Libertarian Education’ with David Gribble (author ‘Real…
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Come to the Peace News Summer Camp

Join people from across the broad spectrum of the British peace movement for five days of exploration, celebration and empowerment. Bring your contribution to a hothouse of creativity, a small self-governed society run by democratic camp meetings, a viable example…
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Building a community

When we started thinking about having a Peace News Summer Camp we began thinking of all the wonderful and inspiring experiences we have had at camps and gatherings. We remembered the Atlantic Life Community that we went to in the…
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