Peace News Summer Camp

Helping build a radical movement for the future by creating a living community today.


Need to contact the Camp? Call the camp phone #: 07542 891 492

Surviving Politics – self-care, skill-sharing and community-building when nothing seems to make sense

Group photo @ the close of Peace News Summer Camp 2014. Photo: Kim Shankar

Group photo @ the close of Peace News Summer Camp 2014. Photo: Kim Shankar

27-31 July 2017

Near Diss, Norfolk

Registration: £20-£135 for over-14s. Under-14s £5-£30 by parental income. Under-1s free.

Food: (three meals a day and drinks): £6–£12 a day for over-14s. Children’s food by donation. Food tickets are sold on-site.

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Speakers include*: Bruce Kent (‘Abolishing War’), Karen Larbi (‘Self-care for radicals’), Peter Tatchell (‘Campaigning to Win’), Dave Douglass (‘The Follonsby Miners’ Lodge Banner’), and Peace News editor Milan Rai.

We will have workshops and discussions, practical skills sessions, music, delicious vegan food cooked by Veggies, films, fun and DIY entertainment, a bar, campfires, and activities and facilities for kids and families.

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Image*JULY UPDATE – Betsy, Robb & Tracey

We have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that we have Robb Johnson and Tracey Curtis confirmed as performers at Peace News Summer Camp on Saturday 29 July! They are much-loved singer-songwriters who have both performed before at Camp.

The bad news is that Betsy Leondar-Wright is not coming to Peace News Summer Camp.

Betsy was due to have delivered a training of trainers called Exploring Class the weekend after Peace News Summer Camp, and this unfortunately has just been postponed due to a number of factors including Betsy having a family health emergency.


Once the August training of trainers was postponed to 2018, if Betsy had come to this year’s Camp, this would have not been in line with the Camp organisers’ policy of not flying in speakers just to speak at PNSC. (There was an exception to this in 2013, when there was a different group of organisers for that year.)

Two small consolation prizes are: there will be a workshop on class using techniques Betsy has helped to pioneer; and on Friday night Betsy will Skype in to do a talk to the whole camp.

ALSO: We will have a solar-powered six-seater cinema!




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