Peace News Summer Camp

Helping build a radical movement for the future by creating a living community today.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Peace News Summer Camp

Q. Do you have to be a pacifist to come to the Peace News Summer Camp?

A. Concern for the future is the only qualification for attending the Camp – along with a BTEC in making compost toilets.

Q. Are any bands playing at the Camp?

A. Yes, we’ve got music. See the programme for details.  There will also be plenty of opportunity for spontaneous acoustic performances and everyone is welcome to join in.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Between £20 and £100 depending on how well you’re getting through the credit crunch. Food will cost extra. See camp details.

Q. What if I want to suggest a workshop?

A. There will be a few self-organised workshop slots – get in touch with us as soon as possible if you have ideas. Especially if you’re willing to run the session yourself….

Q. I’m not sure there is such a thing as a “peace movement”.

A. That’s one of the things we’ll be puzzling over at the Camp.

Q. Isn’t it just going to be liberal claptrap?

A. Check out our list of themes and workshops. (coming soon) Community organising, anti-militarist campaigning, fighting the cuts….. If you think that’s liberal claptrap, we’ve got liberal claptrap.

Q. Isn’t it just going to be the same old peace movement types talking to itself about the same old things?

A. Many of the sessions will be about cross-fertilisation between movements – the anti-cuts movement, the animal rights movement, the radical anti-climate change movement, the labour movement, refugees and others. We’re trying to organise real debates over important issues in our movements.

Q. Is there actually anything peace movement-y in this “peace camp”?

A. Lots. Check here and the full programme when it becomes available.

Q. I’m only starting out in activism. Is this Camp a bit ‘advanced’ for someone new to the peace movement?

A. There are lots of sessions designed for new folk to come to, enjoy and be inspired by. Come explore!

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