Peace News Summer Camp

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transport to camp

For detailed information on how to get to the camp, including train taxi sharing and local bus services from Saxmundham train station, see here.

If you would like help getting from the station to the camp, please could you register your arrival time here before 3pm on Friday 25 July in order to help us organise your transport.

We will try to arrange a bus to pick you up (this is possible only if a number of people are arriving at the same time, Mon – Sat between 7am and 7pm). If a bus isn’t possible, we’ll let you know, and ask that you share a taxi to camp (see taxi phone numbers here). If there are two or more of you in a taxi, we will chip in towards the cost of the cab, topping up your contributions.

If you have a pressing need to be picked up by car, rather than by bus or taxi, please contact us

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