Peace News Summer Camp

Helping build a radical movement for the future by creating a living community today.

More workshops

The following workshops, and more, will be happening at the Summer Camp. Check back soon for the detailed programme which will be available to download at least a week before the camp.

Feminism and peace: gender perspectives on violence, nonviolence and activism
Women, Men and Peace – gender perspectives on violence
Feminist-based local activism
Skill sharing for women

Radicalising other areas of our lives
DIY power
Libertarian education
Can we eat ourselves to a better world?
Community economics
Participatory economics
What can people do, where they live, to change the world?

Challenging the military
Arms and arguments
Militarisation of the borders
Researching the arms industry
Challenging military recruitment
Class matters: class peace and conversion
How can we stop the war in Afghanistan?
Chomsky’s priority: mass media and the anti-war movement
Profiteering in Palestine

Engaging with other movements and struggles
Radical climate activism
Lessons from the animal rights movement

Building our skills, sharing our skills
Basic strategy
Rebel clowning
Protest in song
Advance consensus
Public speaking
Nonviolent direct action
Freedom to protest

Debating nonviolence
Should we protest?
Nonviolence in Kosovo
If you met Gandhi on the road: dismantling the icon

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