Peace News Summer Camp

Helping build a radical movement for the future by creating a living community today.

How to get there


Diss is 90 minutes direct from London’s Liverpool Street Station, with trains leaving about every thirty minutes to Norwich. From Diss train station, you can catch a bus or a taxi the two miles or so to camp (see below). Or you could walk the two miles or so to camp. (See the route for cycling, below – here is a PDF of the route.)
> Book cheap tickets to Diss on Greater Anglia trains

There are cheap tickets available to Diss, usually as singles. We generally buy them on the Greater Anglia website:

For example, right now, 20 July, you can get an adult return journey (two single tickets) from London to Diss for just £24 (£10 up, £14 down), leaving on Thursday 27 July and returning on Monday 31 July, saving £23.

Please book as soon as you can!


Cycling from Diss railway station – It’s about 15 minutes cycling from the train station to the site. If you come in from London, you need to cross over to the other side of the tracks, and you can cut through the carpark and onto a path onto Nelson Road. (Here’s the route on Google Maps.) Cycle away from the station to the roundabout and turn left on Sandy Lane. Head straight along this until you cross the railway line, then turn right onto Walcot Green. When you come to a left turn, take it (it’s still Walcot Green) until you come to a road (not a drive) turning right – it’s taking you north towards a main road – Burston Road. When you get to this main road, you turn right and after half a mile you’ll come to the camp on the left hand side. Here is a PDF of the route.

If you’re into walking, it’s the same route!


The bus station is 20 minutes walk away from Diss railway station. The No. 1 bus from Diss to Norwich goes along Burston Road – you can ask the driver to stop on Burston Road and you should see the signs for Peace News Summer Camp. The bus journey takes less than 10 minutes from Diss. If you’re coming from Norwich, the camp is soon after Buston village. The No. 1 bus timetable is available below:

Monday to Friday from Diss

Monday to Friday to Diss

Saturdays from Diss

Saturdays to Diss


If there are two or more of you traveling together, it is as cheap (or cheaper) to catch a taxi as it is to catch a bus. The nearest train station is Diss. If you have mobility issues or are looking after children and you need transport from the station to the camp, please book a cab and we’ll pay when you arrive (the cheapest fare seems to be £6 with Diss Town Taxis on 01379 414 141).

> Transport from Diss to the site

Unfortunately, because the people in the Peace News Summer Camp organising group don’t drive, we can’t offer a vehicle to ferry people from the train station.

If you have mobility issues, or are looking after children, and you need transport from the train station to the camp, please do book a cab and the Welcome Tent folk will pay when you arrive. The cheapest fare seems to be £6 with Diss Town Taxis on 01379 414 141.

Please do book taxis in advance to avoid disappointment. There is a taxi firm actually in the train station carpark, but they don’t always have a taxi available – and they’re generally a bit more expensive.


Diss is on the A1066 from Thetford, and the camp is on Burston Road striking north from the town. If you’re using satnav, the post code is IP22 5SY (which gets you to within a quarter of a mile of the location). You can see where we are precisely on Google Maps. (The fields are just to the north of the point indicated.)